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 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Premium Choice?
    • Premium Choice Distributors is the online distribution arm of FG Synergy General Trading Co. WLL. Premium Choice Distributors is an online sales portal that focuses on delivering premium meat and seafood products (center of plate items) at your doorstep.

  2. What are the operating hours for Premium Choice?
    • Office Hours are from 09.00 a.m. to 05.00 p.m.
    • Order Delivery Hours are from 09.00 a.m. to 09.00 p.m.

  3. How to contact Premium Choice Distributors?

  4. Where do the food products originate from and are they HALAL certified?
    • All food products currently on Premium Choice catalog originate from USA.
    • The meat and poultry products are certified by USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).
    • The meat and poultry products are HALAL certified and further inspected/approved by Kuwait Municipality at the time of import.

  5. What are the storage condition of the products?
    • All food products provided by Premium Choice are FROZEN throughout the supply chain until delivery to customer.

  6. How to pay for the orders?
    • Online payments should be made using Debit Cards (K-Net) only.
    • Cash on Delivery Orders can be paid using Debit Cards or Credit Cards (VISA/Master Card) or Cash (Kuwaiti Dinars).
    • Checks or Demand Draft payments are NOT accepted.

  7. Is the Premium Choice Distributors website a secure website?
    • Premium Choice Distributors website has a valid Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security certificate.
    • After a transaction is completed, financial information (debit card, credit card, security codes etc.) of our customers is NOT stored on our servers.

  8. How much is the delivery charge?
    • Premium Choice provides free delivery for all orders above KD10. A  nominal fee of KD 0.350 will be charged on all orders below KD 10.

  9. Does Premium Choice deliver internationally?
    • Premium Choice delivers only within the State of Kuwait and we do not currently offer international delivery.

  10. What if a wrong product or incomplete order is delivered?
    • Inform the delivery personnel immediate at the time of delivery              OR ….
    • Inform Customer Support immediate – Tel: (+965) – 2498 1010 / 1212
    • Customers are requested to maintain the products in FROZEN condition until they are return back to Premium Choice personnel.

  11. How are the Premium Choice products packaged?
    • Our suppliers utilize some of the most technologically advanced packaging materials in the industry. 
    • All of our portion cut meat products are sealed in a high quality vacuum film.
    • Seafood products are individually frozen to lock in flavor, and vacuum-sealed to preserve freshness and make it easy to serve.

  12. Where does your beef come from?
    • Our beef comes from our cattle farms in Greeley, Colorado.

  13. What is marbling and why is it important?
    • Marbling can best be described as the network of the fat that runs through sections of meat.  
    • Often confused with the large deposits of fat that is often found around the perimeter a cut of meat, marbling is fat that is located throughout the cut. 
    •  Normally appearing as a series of small white flecks in the cut of meat, marbling has two primary functions in making sure them at is both tasty and tender.

  14. Can I refreeze my product after it is defrosted?
    • Refreezing is not recommended to maintain ultimate quality.

  15. When the steaks are thawed (refreshed), is the red substance blood?
    • At the time of slaughtering, blood is released from the cattle. 
    • The juices that discharge from the protein while thawing or cooking is mostly water, fat, and myoglobin (red iron and oxygen binding protein found in muscle tissues).

  16. What is the optimal way of thawing (refreshing) our products?
    • The refreshing process should take place under refrigeration at +4ºC (39.2ºF) until completely tempered.

  17. Why does my beef start to lose color once thawed? 
    • The darkening of beef once exposed to air is called oxidation. The beef is still fit for consumption unless the consumer begins to detect signs of spoilage like but not limited to off odor, a sticky or tacky surface, or slimy appearance

  18. Should I eat a cooked steak immediately? 
    • It is recommended to allow the steak to rest. During this time, the steak’s own juices will redistribute throughout the cut of meat versus expelling all over your serving dish.